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D'Arcy Norman

recovering from the best ski day ever

Alan Levine

No Problemo

The crossposting plugin says there was a problem when there's not. I forget the confusion, there was a bit of a rodeo dance on setting up the plugin on both sides. But if I can get it working....

Alan Levine

One of those Ed-tech Twitter Smackdownes

I forgot who it was who inspired this. Actually cross posting for Brian Bennett's benefit -  Bennettfit?


Competing with @brian for the 2016 DirtBagBeater Trophy ...


Stopping by CJLY Kootenay co-op radio

A quick visit with peeps running radio mixtape, and program managing the station. All roads lead to the koots! 


So long Sly.

Saying goodbye to my friend this week. A brother in arms, partner in crime, driver of the house on wheels and co-founder of the boom project. Several of our adventures were at the ski hill, this pic being from the last of them Dec 29, 2015. He was humouring me with this selfie but I got a couple more before the days were done. Two ski days in a row actually, amazing really considering my knees and his fucking cancer. 

I'll be honoring his memory tomorrow at a special function known as a RAVE with one of our all time fav's A Tribe Called Red. A show right here in the Kootenays at Bloom night club in Nelson BC, A show he was supposed to be attending, but instead it's me. If you are not familiar with the Tribes music, I highly reccomend checking out their latest "We Are the Halluci Nation". An important record, if you can consider dance records to be important at all. I may broadcast a bit one if im not totally absorbed in the moment (lol) but for sure there has to be one last boom, with the Tribe, for Sly. 

Gettin 'er done way too early bud, but you did it. Peace. 






D'Arcy Norman


No, I think it's a great design decision, faithfully replicating how the minute hand obscures the date. There was no way around that problem. Must fully replicate a mechanical watch…

Alan Levine

I Got This Known to Known Thing Down

Just by repeated clicking and cussing. Gotta Do What D'Arcy Does. 


Jim Groom

Here I come to Save the Day!

Finally figured out this is not a syndication engine, but just sign-up and post. Syndication is next though. Want to play and push...

David Kernohan

Personal data



I did not win anything for but I did win this: somebody from a library whose resources I used asked me to submit my gif to them...they called me an artist! 


Check it out


Hello world

D'Arcy Norman

Replastic - a project by some students in the Computational Media Design program

Alan Levine

I'm Not Sure I Understand...

... but I trust in the time worn advice of Do What D'Arcy Does.

So this is like a Known Slackless Slack?


Colin Madland

Bald. Bearded. Pink.